Posted by: slimwithlynn | May 21, 2012

A Big Adventure


Kim and I are going to set out on a new adventure! We are going to walk the new Welsh Coastal Footpath which is 870 miles long!! We want to start this marathon walk at the start of September as then all dog restrictions come to an end. We think it will take about 6 weeks if all goes well, and we are going to raise money for Raystede Rescue Centre near Lewes, East Sussex, UK. which is where I found Kim.This is thier website if you are interested: 

He was 16 months then and had never been taken for a walk as his owner worked all day and didn’t have the energy to take him out!! He’s a very shy dog because he didn’t get to make any friends when he was young but he’s trying to get more sociable with other dogs so long as they don’t frighten him. He likes people once he’s got to smell them a few times. He loves to play ball and run around in the countryside. He also loves all the foods that people eat!! We are hoping to find lots of new friends and supporters to help us on our adventure.

We will keep you all posted about our progress.Lots of licks Kim and Lynn



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